Friday, May 18, 2007

Maureen McCormick Faces Real-Life Family Issues on a Very Un-Brady Dr. Phil, Tuesday, May 22

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., May 17 PRNewswire —

For the first time, Maureen McCormick, who is best known for playing the perfect Marcia Brady on the iconic situation comedy "The Brady Bunch," goes public with her very real-life estrangement from her father on DR. PHIL, Tuesday May 22 (check your local listings).

With cameras rolling, McCormick confronts her father and her brother, but Dr. Phil helps her to confront her own feelings about her less- than-perfect family, and how she will cope if, in reality, there is no happy ending.

McCormick originally hinted at the difficulties between herself, her brother and her father, including allegations of elder abuse at the hands of her brother, when Dr. Phil guest hosted "Larry King Live" on April 5th and interviewed her in regard to her various personal problems and addictions. McCormick recently filed a legal petition for conservatorship of her father.

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