Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nephew Stabs Aunt to Death in South Carolina

(Orangeburg) SC - Orangeburg Deputies say 28 year old Albert Smith murdered 77-year-old Hattie Hunter, stabbing her inside her home Friday.

Hattie Hunter's newphew drove to Orangburg Sunday from Durham, North Carolina.

Robert White says the perpatrator took advantage of his aunt's kindness.

After a glimpse of police tape, White says the only way this could have happened was through someone his aunt helped.

"She was probably reaching out to help somebody and they saw how nice she was and turned on her," White says.

28 year old Albert Clayton Smith is the man Orangeburg Deputies believe killed 77 year old Hattie Hunter.

"It's a shame that somebody lives a godly life and then a horrible crime like this happens," White added.

A window in the back of Hunters home, now boarded up could indicate forced entry but that hasn't been confirmed.

White says his aunt was a big supporter of her community and loved all she came in contact with. Her only children he says were those she claimed inside her former classroom at South Carolina State University.

More than anything else, White said he will miss "When we had a problem, she would always give sound, God fearing advice. She was just a no nonesense easy going, soft spoken, sweet aunt."

The family is still finalizing funeral arrangements.

Meanwhile, a bond hearing for Smith is scheduled to take place Monday.

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