Saturday, May 26, 2007

State Attorneys Would Turn Their Back on Dr. Fernandez and Clara

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And would not get involved even thou my mother was spirited away in secret, transported thru 4 counties,drugged, her assets stolen and was in danger of her life and became totally incapacitated as a result of her injuries, help from the State Attoney was not be forthcoming..

My mother was secreted away, a Doctor that managed to talk to her told us she appeared very groggy and appeared as thus drugged, we knew she was in serious danger , we begged the State Attorney for help, they could not help, they were busy with other cases more important than saving my mother from being drugged, neglected, incapacitated, at best..... killed at worst.

The State Attoney could not help my mother , that was a "Civilly" matter , Big Foot was not !

My mother received incapacitating injuries due to neglect in a hotel room on November 17,2004

The Perpetrators are loose, they want to negotiate with her booty!

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