Saturday, May 12, 2007

ElderAbuseHelp.Org - Review-

Reviewed by Bizwhiz:
The author is obviously knowledgeable, both technically and psychologically, in this area. More importantly, from the writings, you could feel the passion that the author has relating to the social issues concerning elderly care, neglect and abuse.

If you think these issues don't concern you, well, all of us will come of age some day. It is always good to understand the happenings and your rights, and what better way to learn them than to peruse some of the articles on this site.

Thank You Bizwiz for the Great Review of our work here at E.A. you are absolutely right having being ignorant (Too Trusting) about Elder Abuse and what motivates these people to get their revenge for 'perceived wrongs' and the way they justify their ruthlessness without thought to whom they hurt or what price these UN suspecting people pay , has led many elders to suffering that few of us can only imagine, those that survive, many don't.

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