Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Daycare Still Open with Three (3) Pages worth of Complaints!

(Columbia ) - Friends of the infant who died from hyperthermia question what happened Friday at Ritters Day Care Center.

The owner, 63-year-old Willie Ritter, now faces homicide by child abuse, but friends of the family say that's no consolation.

Nowell wonders who was on the family's side. "The person that you're suppose to trust the most, you're leaving your child in this person's hand!"

At 7 a.m. Friday, 11-month-old Javon was in Willie Ritter's hands. Police say the owner picked the child up, drove him to the daycare, and forgot to take him out of a minivan.

At last check, the daycare was still open but Nowell still questions them. "What were they still doing open with 3 pages of complaints?"

That answer will have to come from The Department of Social Services, who couldn't be reached Saturday.

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(Columbia) - Department of Social Services officials confirmed Monday that a daycare where a child died Friday had a bad history with their agency.(Related Story: Court Documents Reveal Multiple Suits Against Daycare Owner)

Note: W.E. Ritter Daycare was shut down Monday until further notice by DSS officials.

We really need some reform in this area, we would like the authorities in charge of protecting or most vulnerable citizens to take action when the first warning signs are given, not after the damage has been done!

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