Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Maureen McCormick's - Fighting Brothers - A Common Denominator

LOS ANGELES - Maureen McCormick

You can see it in the way she kick boxes and you can hear it as she explains the troubles she’s overcome in her life. Maureen McCormick, known best to us all as Marcia Brady, is a fighter.

Today, in part two of our new interview, she talks about the real life family feud she is suffering through. “It's awful,” Marcia tells Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. “I've been going through hell for three years.”

“He is accusing me of being a sociopathological liar, of stealing my dad's retirement money, of elder abuse, of being a drug addict,” Maureen tells Access. “He's basically said that he wants to destroy me.”

As in many family disputes, money seems to be at the heart of this one.
Once a close-knit family, Maureen tells Access, Kevin no longer permits 85-year-old Richard McCormick to see or speak to her.
“I just really believe that something good is going to come out of all this. I have to believe that,” she sighs. “Never in a million years would I have thought that this was happening to my family.”
As I look for a common denominator in these cases, there is always the most important common denominator, Money, then Isolation, Undue Influence and control of the Elder, the controlling party secrets the victim away, then of course you have the accusations and character assassination, (the smoke screen) to confuse investigators.

Kevin works hard at hurling accusations at her sister “He is accusing me of being a sociopathological liar, of stealing my dad's retirement money, of elder abuse, of being a drug addict,” I'm willing to bet without offering any proof thereof.

In Clara's case of Elder abuse my brother works hard at character assassination, he is even devoted an entire website to it in which he publishes private E mails between me and Son, Daughter, Grandson and other family members that he some how claims to have intercepted and they are supposed to shift the blame for Clara's injuries and prove what a bad person I am , this along with detailed psychological evaluations in which he pretends to be some kind a psychology expert, he tells DCF investigators that I am Bi polar and justifies Dr. Fernandez's suffering in separating him from his wife by saying he is Catatonic.

Notice that Maureen McCormick never attacks her brother, We at E.A. try talk about the act, it self of Elder Abuse, based on it's merits and the evidence available.

Isolation of an Elder is wrong, I frequently take my mother on road trips to see other relatives, and encourage social interaction . Regarding the brother, Al Fernandez, a social worker in West Palm Beach, Florida even after he brought about incidents that accelerated my dad's death ,due to the stress of the situation , all he has to do to see his mother is call ahead of time.

The last common denominator is the way society looks at elder abuse victims and their families as 'freaks' they don't want to get involved or get up close, they think this can't happen to them.

“Never in a million years would I have thought that this was happening to my family.”
Welcome to the club Maureen, neither did we or the thousands of affected elders on a daily basis .

Note From: Irwin N. Perr, MD , JD - Fraud involves trickery, deception, artifice.
An example of fraud is the situation where one influences a testator that another relative has stirred up trouble....statements.


lovejack said...

I had almost the same thing as Maureen during the past four years. Mine ended May 17, 2007, when my mother died. I never got to say goodbye.

I was not allowed to go to the funeral. My son went to the funeral home after visitation and got pictures for me.

My brother also was the black sheep of the family. He could never say a kind word about Mom and Dad.

I did go to court and got the money out of his hands and into a bank to handle the trust. Everything went in my favor in court. However, he was made guardian over her only.

From that time on, he did all he could to keep me away from her.

It will break your heart if you don't get to say goodbye.

Unknown said...

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