Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Email Internet Scams

Hello My Dear,

Complement Of The Season,

This is to thank you for your effort.I understand that your hands were tied.Not to worry. I have succeeded,the money has been transfered into the account provided by a newly found friend of mine in Australia.

To compensate for your past assistance and commitments,i have dropped an International Certifie Bank Draft of the sum of(US$950,000.00) for you.
I am in London with my family presently.I do intend to establish some business concerns here,and possibly buy some properties.Contact my Secretary in BENIN-Republic, Mr Frank Oji on(frankoji00@yahoo.fr )
Tel:+229-9301-7559 Forward my mail to him,then ask him to send the cheque to you.

Take good care of your self.
Dr Andy West.

That's very kind of you Mr. West to have dropped that check for me , of course there will be small handling fee that will cover the cost of your secretary mailing me the check, I wonder how many people fall for these scams, obviously some people make a living scamming elders who are trusting and suceptible, especially if they have never heard of these types of scams.

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