Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Municipal Declaration for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD)

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day , Municipal Declaration.

Whereas: (Country Name)’s seniors deserve to live safely with
dignity, and as independently as possible, with the
supports they need.

Whereas: Elder abuse is most often defined as any act that harms a
senior or jeopardizes his or her health or welfare.

Whereas: Eliminating abuse to older persons is each community’s
responsibility; the (City/Town) of (Name) is concerned
about the risk to our older residents who suffer from
neglect or are victims of financial, emotional or physical

Whereas: All of our residents should watch for signs of abuse such
as physical trauma, withdrawal, depression, anxiety, fear
of family members, friends or caregivers;

Therefore: I, Mayor (insert name), on behalf of the (City,Town) of
(Name) Council and the people of our great city, do
hereby proclaim June 15, 2007 as Elder Abuse
Awareness Day and encourage everyone to commit to
build safer communities for our elderly residents.

Signed: Mayor ____________________

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