Thursday, May 10, 2007

Man Sentenced To 50 Years In SF Elder Abuse Case

(AP) SAN FRANCISCO A convicted felon was sentenced to 50 years in prison Monday for robbing two elderly women after using a ruse to get into their homes.

Gary Johnson, 47, who is also known as Tommy John, was convicted last month of two counts of false imprisonment of an elder by violence, menace, fraud or deceit in connection with two incidents that occurred in May and August of 2000.

He robbed the two victims, ages 74 and 86, of money and jewelry valued at a total of $500, mesfin said.

This is news worth noting, our web site has ample evidence of people in Florida who have robbed elders of their life savings, have cost them thousands through banking scams, have robbed them of their properties, through Quit Claim Deed Scams and have yet to be properly investigated or prosecuted according to existing laws which make it illegal to use Power of Attorney gained through trickery for personal gain of the agent.

Complaints filed against the perpetrators by the Victim´s court appointed guardian and family and friends have here to not been acknowledged by the only agency in Florida that claims to protect out for our ever growing elder population, sending the message that Florida has open season on elder abuse year round

This is wrong and we hope to send the message by those who have been abused and justice denied, that elder and their families get the protection they deserve.

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