Saturday, November 3, 2007

Free Audio Books

Audio versions of books in public domain, free

Cory Doctorow: Hugh from Librivox (a project that enlists volunteers to create free audiobooks of public domain texts) sez, “We just had an extraordinary month. We published 70 texts (as part of a March madness campaign to finish as many books as we could). Our effort makes us, I suspect, the biggest maker of audio books in the world (at least in March). Among the titles now available for all the world to hear for free:”

*Relativity: The Special and General Theory by Einstein, Albert

*Sense and Sensibility by Austen, Jane

*Moby Dick, or the Whale - Herman Melville

*Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea - Jules Verne

*The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

* Candide - Voltaire

* The Sayings of Confucius - Confucius

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