Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dead Men Win No Lawsuits.-

by Maria Luisa Tucker

Why Ambulance-Chasing attorneys won't go near your grandpa's demise.

When sculptor Richard Lippold died in 2002, he left behind a breathtaking body of work, including huge wire-and-metal installations at the MetLife Building, Lincoln Center, the Four Seasons, and other venues around the world.

He also left behind three children, a wife, and one angry boyfriend, who is now accusing a Long Island hospital of murdering the 87-year-old artist.

"They kill an old person and they don't care, because they know no one will take the case," says Augusto Gianni Morselli, Lippold's companion of 28 years. "If they can cause the death of this great human being, just imagine what they could do to you so-called normal people."

Jeff Korek, president of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, calls the state law—unchanged since its passage in 1847—"archaic." The association has been trying to change the law for at least 17 years, but proposed legislation that would allow families to sue for emotional loss continues to get ignored.

Trade associations like the Medical Society of New York have argued for years that the change could raise insurance premiums and cost hospitals millions of dollars.

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