Thursday, November 8, 2007

Too Little Too Late for Frank Magana

We killed Frank Magenta, and A.J. Fernandez and numerous others elder too many to count , we killed them by our attitude, we killed them with our indiference the fact is that you will do more time for drugs than for attacking an elder.

This problem was highlighted on the recent attack on two (2) elderly women in New York one aged 101 and the other 88 , by the same attacker who faced a misdemeanor up to one year in jail.

Currently, the crime is a misdemeanor, punishable by no more than a year in jail.

"There's certainly a higher penalty for possessing a rock of cocaine in this state than for beating up elderly, bedridden grandparents," Deputy Prosecutor Page Ulrey said.

It's open season on elders, elders had better beware, you are not safe in your homes, you are not safe in the streets, you are not safe anywhere, the laws leave a lot to be desired when it comes to protecting you before harms comes your way, because for Frank Magana and others it is simply, too little , too late !

If you are an elder today I hate to break the news but lets bring it out in the open, and deal with it openly and takes the appropriate steps to correct the situation .A lot of cases of elder abuse are considered 'accidents' elder deaths are rarely investigated .

According to Catherine C. McNamee a Social Science Analyst at the National Institute of Justice in Attitudes Hinder Investigations ;

"Researchers also identified a propensity for medical examiners and coroners to exhibit ageism—a belief that focusing on nursing home deaths was “a waste of their time and resources…because of the poor health status of most nursing home
residents… [who] would die anyway.”[8]
These beliefs are major impediments to improvements in the forensic identification of elder deaths".

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