Friday, November 2, 2007

No Help for Victims of Elder Abuse

Story by Andrew

Often the process of removing a victim of elder abuse from an abusive situation, can take a long time.

The case of Clara Fernandez (USA) is still going through the legal system. The drain on Clara is not only financial. What about the stress on her and her family. How do we quantify the effect of this long process on the victim and her family?

What about the mental health of the victims? Who is going to provide the support and counseling needed?

The same questions can be asked about another victim (in Australia) – that of Frank Punito (not his real name).

Frank is now removed from the abusive situation. He no longer wants to see his adult children/abusers. He is all alone at the age of 77. He has said recently, that he is “losing interest in everything”.

The added tragedy in the case of Frank Punito , is that, he is not receiving any government funded care packages; therefore there is nothing in place to assist him to “recover” from such a horrific experience.

What about the shame and loss of pride and dignity?
How can we assist victims? A question not easily answered; and one that politicians do not want to know.

If you have any ideas please let us know.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god. That is just so sad and unfortunate. If my parents were being abused by a nursing home facility, there would be no end to what I would do to them. There needs to be justice for these people. It is like silent torture for them.