Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Son Charged With Neglect in Mother Death

UTICA - USA .The man accused of neglecting his mother by letting her live in filth was in court this morning. David Auchmoody. 61, was unable to enter a plea this past Friday because he did not have an attorney present.

Auchmoody is charged with second-degree murder after an autopsy revealed his mother died of a bone infection and improper nutrition. Police say his mother was trusted in his care.

According to police reports she weighed less than 50 pounds when she died. In court today, Auchmoody's attorney, Christopher Pelli, entered a not guilty plea on his client's behalf.

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The Other Side of The Story

UTICA - A Whitestown man told investigators that his elderly mother stubbornly refused his help as he tried to care for her in the weeks leading up to her death earlier this year, according to police reports filed in Oneida County Court.

“My mom seemed to lose concern for her day-to-day life,” David Auchmoody told Deputy Jeffrey Worthley. “I have continued to feed and care for my mother to the best of my ability.” But Edith Auchmoody was a “difficult woman” and she often rebuffed his efforts, Auchmoody told deputies.

“He stated that she would not allow him to help with her toileting needs or to bathe her,” sheriff's Sgt. Christine Reilly wrote. “She insisted on taking care of that herself.” She also did not like doctors and had not gone to see one in about 30 years, Reilly stated.


Of course there is two sides to Elder Abuse, Ugly and Uglier, if it gets where you are burned out or un able to care for an elder, you have to take the responsibility for that elder, excuses are often NOT enough and allow for a respite or step down totally when you are un able to carry out your duty to care for that elder as you would an infant.

If you take on the responsibility to care for an elder you have to take that responsibility serious and rather than leave the elder alone subject to falls,neglect or injury, you have better be prepared to put your personal life aside in the elder's best interest, otherwise you could find yourself in serious trouble as Mr. David Auchmoody and other abusers by neglect are finding out the hard way.


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