Monday, November 5, 2007

Michigan Houses Passes Resolution to Fight Elder Abuse

Michigan -Posted by Kalamazoo Gazette - Citing statistics that indicate that thousands of elderly adults are victims of abuse each year, state Rep. Robert Jones (D-Kalamazoo) reported that the Michigan House of Representatives passed Tuesday a resolution that calls on Congress to enact the Elder Justice Act.

The act provide states more resources to prevent elder abuse, provide victim assistance and increase prosecution of those who mistreat seniors, according to information provided by Jones, who is chairman of the House Senior Health, Security and Retirement Committee, and who introduced the resolution.

"This is the right thing to do for our parents and grandparents, who deserve to feel safe and secure in their golden years," Jones said in a press release.

Adults age 60 and older accounted for 69 percent of some 9,300 cases of adult mistreatment that occurred in 2001, according to the Michigan's Adult Protective Services, the representative's office reported.

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