Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Financial Abuse is the Fastest Growing Form of Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

Thousand Oaks Acorn - CA, USA

Archstone Foundation of Long Beach recently awarded an additional $75,000 grant to Senior Concerns to support its work to fight financial abuse of the elderly and dependent adults in Ventura County during the next three years.

The new grant, which follows initial funding of $100,000 in 2003, will continue the ongoing educational, training and advisory work of Senior Concerns Ventura County Financial Abuse Specialist Team coordinated by staff member Julia Wysong.

The majority of abusers are trusted friends, caregivers or family, Wysong said.

Financial abuse is the fastest growing form of elder and dependent adult abuse, she said.

The team fields a multidisciplinary team of experts for consultation at monthly meetings, reviewing 20 cases a year.

The team has produced "Fighting Financial Fraud," a half-hour video illustrating the most common schemes used in the financial abuse of elders.

It provides information on the agencies and programs available to victims.

The video is shown at 10:30 a.m. every Wednesday on Time Warner Cable, channel 25, and can also been seen at www.

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