Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Clara Fernandez Case - A Public Plea

Photo By L.A. Borguss

The public has been given a lot of information about the case of Clara Fernandez. The courts or Adult Protective Services must have more information to help them decide on this case.
It is therefore extremely disturbing that after 3 years(?); this case is still in the legal system!

We understand that courts are often weighed down by many cases, but in an elder abuse case involving a frail 90 year old; surely time is of the essence.

Don’t we, as a society, have the collective compassion to show Clara that she is safe at last, and that the perpetrators of the abduction and abuses will be punished?

This is a well publicized case. It just makes us wonder how many ‘unpublicized’ cases are buried in the system.
This is our plea:

Please end the psychologically damaging waiting period for legal decision(s) on this case. The continuous drain on Clara’s assets MUST be stopped. We urge people handling the case to take the brave steps needed to end this awful case.

(Andrew and Friends)

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