Monday, November 5, 2007

Why Are Cases of Elder Abuse So Grossly Under Reported ?

" Cases of elder abuse are historically under reported - only one in 25 nationwide, according to a panel of local experts who deal with matters of financial abuse and exploitation of the elderly. "

I used not be able to comprehend why someone would NOT report elder abuse.

Having spent three(3) years trying to get the truth out surrounding the horrific case of elder and elder financial abuse that Clara G. Fernandez was a victim of and events surrounding her family who has been the subject of seven(7) complaints to the DCF all of which have been UN founded and appear to be the product of retaliation from the perpetrators . There appear to be no limit on the number of false reports that can be filed by the same people who want to punish the “whistle-blower” on the case of my mother's abuse.

For three long years the victim and the victim’s family have been treated with skepticism. We are still been subjected to humiliation, oppressive tactics, including a forced guardianship against the victim’s family’s wishes. There is also the failure to recover the assets converted by the perpetrators.

All these, after the victim’s own money has been depleted by the perpetrators’ continuous ploy to mislead and confuse the courts.

Now I understand why only One (1) in twenty-five (25) cases of elder abuse are actually reported. This is a deplorable state of events that needs to be addressed.

Another way to read the statistics is that 24 in every 25 cases of elder abuse go UNREPORTED!

  • What happen to those unreported victims? Are they getting the assistance to be removed from their abusive situations?
  • Are those victims given counseling on how to survive the post-traumatic syndromes or ill-effects?
  • Do we as a society really care?
  • Do politicians really care?
  • Where are support for people who dared to speak up for the vulnerable, ‘voiceless’ seniors?
Cases of elder and elder financial abuse are routinely labeled "Civilly Matter" condemning the victim’s families to Endless Court Hearings, and the total depletion of family assets in seemingly endless legal bills.

Only one thing you can be sure of is that after every hearing there is always a next one.Thanks to the Internet; cases like that of Clara G. Fernandez, Frank Punito and other elder abuse cases that can now get worldwide publicity.

It is our sincere desire to alert people to the dangers of growing old. We also attempt to disseminate all kinds of information to empower people who are growing older so that they WILL NOT go through the pains and sufferings that elder abuse victims had endured.Governments from around the world must take note of the evolving “Grey Power” .

We are now more informed and are united in our call for protection in our twilight years.

Sources: (American Psychological Association)

This Editorial Co-Writen by Andrew & Ray

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