Friday, November 2, 2007

AN INVITED SYMPOSIA: "Changing family structure and elder abuse issues in Japan."

Families are now changing; contemporary Japanese women are threatened by loss of their right to care by their family members, and as a result, they are clearly placed in danger of poverty.

Elder abuse exhibits different phases, from child abuse or domestic violence, in terms of the power relationship between the abuser and the abused.
This leads to incidences of abuse cover-up, creating difficult situations where it cannot be determined who is the abuser and who is the abused.

Although the definition of elder abuse by the National Center on Elder Abuse in America (NCEA), namely, physical abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, neglect, financial/material exploitation, sexual abuse, and self-neglect, is used in many parts of the world, a quantitative analysis based on this definition alone does not clarify the relationship between abuse and women in a sexually discriminative society.

"We here at E.A. are doing our part to educate the citizens of our planet, this abuse and the excessive red-tape needs to stop!"
~ Laurie-B

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Anonymous said...

Very nice article and very timely to the discussion thread, it shoes how international this problem really is, a problem that should concern us all. As we must all face the un certainty of growing older.