Friday, November 23, 2007

One Day, Our Elders .............

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By Ray Fernandez

Clara is enjoying her stay here in the Dominican Republic. It is only a 45 minute flight from Miami, but it seems light years from civilization. Clara is now far away from the threats of Elder Abuse, the endless DCF investigations (7) , the barrage of 18 page legal bills which was meant to intimidate and harass her family by cutting off of utilities, and the constant harassment by creditors of the once wealthy and independent elder.

Clara in the Dominican Republic is enjoying this wonderful island paradise , she remembers many things from her previous trips here. Time slows down and the days seems to last longer it is a phenomenon more pronounced the closer you get to the equator.

Things that were problematic before seem but trivial here amongst the people that love and adore her. It has been a real struggle, but we all have pitched in to make this trip for Clara possible.

Clara is very happy to spend most all of her time surrounded by Judy's extended family, and the beat of Caribbean music. She spends hours looking out of the front porch window and watches the children walking to school and watching a herd of cattle share the road with pedestrian or vehicles. Primitive and exotic, everything her homeland of Cuban used to be for her back in the day! Clara gets her exercise by limited walking and dancing.

Clara is also enjoying the Dominican cuisine very much and even putting on a few pounds, her stress level had dropped down considerably.

Ah! The wonders of being away from developed civilizations.

One day, soon there will be justice for Clara and A. J. Fernandez. One day our elder will not have to leave their homes when "they turn out the lights." One day our elders will not have to leave nursing homes with "maggots in their eyes."

One day elderly couples will not be separated just to take their wealth because we feel as a society that they have outlived their usefulness.

We pray that that day for Clara isn't too far way, otherwise it makes me wonder if everything we gained as a civilized society is not but a giant step backwards for mankind.

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L.A.Borguss said...

Yes, Clara IS in paradise once again!!

We, her family members, are all here to enjoy this family vacation with her!

Clara is quite active in the majority of our family outings and loves most of all to stroll the boardwalk along the beaches.

My husband Erich is really impressed by Judy's family members and that they are ALL helping with Clara's needs.

It was once said; "It took a village to raise a child."
And so now I see "it takes a village to care for our elderly".

That was the way it was done in the days of old, the elders were well respected as well as protected.

Some people may say that was the way of the past, but I say that should always be the way families work with their children and elders alike!!

Clara is so very happy here on vacation with ALL of her family members and we are really enjoying hearing Clara laugh and speak fondly of old times!!

We ALL love and adore Clara, and we will do what we can to make sure she will come back home with wonderful memories to last her a lifetime!!

~ Laura A. Fernandez-Borguss and Family.