Monday, November 26, 2007

Clara's Enjoys some Quality Time with Family in The Dominican Republic

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By L.A.Borguss Revised 11-26-07

Life on this island of Dominican Republic is one of stressless existence.
Most of the medical and dental facilities are readily available.
The sheer beauty of the Island's people is the highlight of my vacation with Clara and Judy's family.

Each and every day, Judy's family members surround Clara with such love and attention. I and my husband Erich are very pleased with the accommodations that were made for Clara and we both have enjoyed the family's hospitality and meals at the family dinner table.

There is love and respect for each other in Judy's family, each family member does his or her part to ensure that Clara is comfortable. The younger children entertain Clara and the older children speak to her about their work and aspirations.

This is one of the most highly functional,united and loving family I have ever known The respect and love that is woven into the fabric of the lives of the people of this island paradise is to be commended and envied.

Traditional family values and their Christain Faith is a very important part of the lives of the people of this island nation, it is quite impressive to see the way that the children "mind their manners" and "show their elders respect and appreciation".

In this slide show, you will see myself and my husband Erich in Judy's family home and along side of us and Clara, you will see Ray and Judy, Judy's sister Juana, Judy's mother and father, Judy's nephew Leo and several other cousins and nephews.

This is what you would see every day while you were here, as we did. There is never a dull moment with all of the singing and dancing and celebrating of life on this island and in this family's home. Clara needed to come here and laugh and be happy once again!

Clara is safe and in more than capable hands and she is quite happy on her stay in the Dominican Republic, and we are pleased to say.

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