Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beware of Malicious Worms

To: Ray
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2007 10:53 PM
Subject: Doesn't Make Sense
Hi again.

Just looking through my emails when I was on Hols. Found the following from AL.

I can't make any sense of them. May be you can. What is he trying to say to me?

(Link) xxxxxxxx

then the normal curiosity reaction is to hit the link then the following could download into your computer

in order to hack, open architacture system, , Dump a file, E Mail, run computer

Which could lead to this :

and this ...

To: xxxx
After I received your fwd from Al and Bill My computer crashed, technician thinks it was malicious code
Be really carefull about receiving Email from Al and Bill, best you not foward it to me.


and it can also lead to this ......

To: Ray
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Subject: Disaster

Hi Ray

I'm furious! I'm not party to your with Al and Bill. . Whatever the reason, they have now make a new enemy in me!

Believe it or not - I'm having all sorts of trouble after opening Al's emails. Thanks for the advise. Those I'll have to get my firewall to block their emails.

I'm using my old backup computer too. My friend is helping me sort out the latest attack. I'm surprised it got through my firewall and anti-virus prog. Trendmicro.

Will contact Trendmicro today.

And this leads to this :

Hello Mr. Fernandez

It was a pleasure working with you on your Case No xxxxxxxx for Computer ID Cxxxxx.

We hope that you were pleased with the service provided to you.As per our conversation the case is closed as resolved.

Following is a summary of the key points for your records.ISSUE: unable to send the emailsSUMMARY: renamed the .xxx folder,deleted the reconfigured the email accounts.Issue resolvedOur goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with iYogi Technical Support Services.

Thank you for choosing iYogi.

Good Karma

iYogi Team.

(This is why I din't publish your Web or Email info Zazza,becasue they feel "a friend of mine enemy is my enemy too" and they have a scorched earth policy)

Thank You iyogi it's was simply amazing to watch you work from oceans away, to watch the curser on the screen ,as if I was moving it opening and closing files looking for the malicious code how you used a remote prog to find it and destroyed it by deleting the entire folder ! The technology you used was awesome!

the Karma wasn't too bad either..................

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