Monday, September 24, 2007

Clara's Diary.- A Cover Up Revealed

I hope everyone had a good weekend

I will publish Clara's Diary and I want you to tell me if anyone has a right to do this to another human being. Please follow with me Clara's activities from month to month right up to the day she was taken from her home and the weeks that followed .

Notice how her life was full of productive activities, Clara liked to play bridge with her friends, she belonged to the City Council, the Beta Masters, the Beta Phi Sisters Sorority, the Catholic Daughters, she volunteered for service as a pink lady at the Hospital, nursing homes and assisted facilities. She gave freely of her money as well as her time.

In addition to this she conducted business, travelled overseas often and insisted in personally drawing the permit to build a new home in Orlando Florida , she actively participated in the drawings of the house plans and supervised site clearing on the property.

Notice how after she was kidnapped her life is choked off little by little, her activities as the choke hold intensifies dies down to a murmur until there is nothing left but destruccion, humiliation,sickness and the death of her husband whose suffering will forever be etched in my memory for every day that I live as a monument of man's in humanity to man.

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