Friday, September 7, 2007

Once Independent and Proud Elder Now Dependent on Strangers

Reprint from 6/20/07 1:00 PM

" Like a Puppet on a String" Judge Von Hof 31 ,August 2005

During the almost one year that Clara was improperly taken from her home, She was moved five (5) times at Medicare's expense in order to keep her secreted from her family and isolated while her assets were being transferred.

During this time Clara was to be hospitalized many times for falls (accidents) and with transfers on the increase and a decrease in functional ability which culminated in her disability when she was left in a hotel room alone to fend for herself heavily medicated.

Medicare was notified by the victim families that there was irregular activity , regarding Clara who had full time caregivers 24/7 in her specially equipped handicapped home, yet Medicare was spending thousands in keeping Clara on the move , providing emergency transport to move her to to five (5) locations keeping Clara totally isolated from all husband,friends and family.

Now after Clara's Estate being billed over $150,000 in legal fees from both sides Dr. Fernandez was allowed to be with his wife briefly before he died , he managed to get a hearing before Judge Richard Payne who after having listened to Clara's testimony , and after having heard her friends testimony confirmed that Clara G. Fernandez did indeed live in Key West and not in some other place as alleged by her self appointed caregivers.

Now that Clara is in Key West after being discharged from a period of convalescence at the KWCC, and now that she is in the loving care of her family and friends, and caregivers and Angela McClain has been appointed her 'Guardian" but Medicare refuses to pay for Bed , Wheelchair, and medical supplies! to make her comfortable and safe.

Here is a Fraudulent Bill >> that Medicare paid along with thousands of dollars for emergency transport to keep Clara hidden, and now that she is home and needs it more than ever Medicare has flagged the account and refuses to pay for legitimate services ordered by her doctors.

Now the one independent elder who has now been totally stripped of her Bond accounts , Certificate of Deposits,Stocks accounts, Real Estate Holdings is now dependent on state services.

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