Monday, September 3, 2007

Clara's Mounting Legal Woes And A Out of Control Legal System

What is most ironic is that Clara is now UN wittingly footing the legal bill for Al and Bill Hart the people who allegedly abducted and allegedly left her drugged alone in a motel room. This is the same people who cashed in all her assets and took her CD's,Bond accounts,Stock accounts, and executed a succession of Quitclaim Deeds while Clara was held in total isolation.

Clara's guardian told Clara's caregiver that her in ability to pay her quickly mounting legal bills quickly accruing 18% interest and expected to double rather quickly could result a lien being put in her home.
It is also ironic how counsel for the Guardian questioned the wards expenditures on cable T.V. which is basic cable and questioning Clara's caregiver whether Clara paying for a meal at Wendys for the family was appropriate!

It is worthy of note that the legal establishment has billed Clara approximately to date $150,000 from both sides with out really having any significant results beneficial to Clara
except for the continual billing of high fees, a lot of which involve length conversations with the very same people that took advantage and abused Clara when she was the most vulnerable.

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