Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beta Sigma Phi, Beta Xi, Theta Sigma Phi... Did I Leave Anyone Out?

Please Allow Clara To Live Out the Rest of Her Days with Dignity?
Do not Torture Her Any more, Please Take a minute and write your senator.

Who are you to take this away from Clara or any other elder ?

Who are You To Decide that Clara Does not need live out her days in her own Home because She expending too much money.
Who gives someone the moral or legal character to take you away from your partner of 58 years , take away your friends , your dignity to the world of Emergency Rooms, Nursing Homes , Homeless caretakers , drugs and misery.
Just when you were starting to enjoy your third age

How Did We Allow this to happen?

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Anonymous said...

I know you're working very,very hard on this case. Pls. keep me informed even with a short note, as I know you're very pressured.

All the best and keep up the fight, knowing you have allies around the world