Friday, September 14, 2007

Judy Prepares to go on Vacation

Judy graduated at the top of her class, she has a brilliant career as a cosmetologist, running her own salon in Puerto PLata, yet she has un selfishly sacrificed some of the best years of her life to be with Clara and Dr. Fernandez in their twig light years , she also depends on their income she used to get $500/month from Clara you see we don't do this for the money we never did.

We volunteer at the key West Convalescent Center often for free , I know it's hard for some people to understand why one would do this with out a motive.

When Clara tried to put the Certificate of Deposit that was converted in Judy's name , Judy would say, "No Clara, that's not why we are here for, you keep everything, everything is yours until you die" only to have the opportunists come along and take it all leaving the poor woman destitute ,incapacitated and husband less.

And Clara's money should be used for that for which it was intended to help keep her comfortable in her own home

Yesterday as luck would have when we were coming back from the Dominican Embassy in Brickell Avenue and we where trying to get on the turnpike, a police officer was killed close by so we wound up waiting all day parked nearby under a tree while police sorted out the situation
and launched a manhunt

Police mourn one of their own

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