Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Perpetrators Are Protected :Are We Becoming Like Them.-Can We Live With It?

by Pedestrian Observer .- A very disturbing and repulsive entry about the rape of an OFW in the Middle East that was captured in a cell phone video was posted by Jon Mariano of OFW Living in Hong Kong taken from an ABS-CBN News.

Leila Cabinon a domestic helper in the Middle East upon arrival to the Philippines narrated the harrowing and dehumanizing fate suffered by “Melissa” at the hands of her Arab pervert son employer who repeatedly raped and passed her on to his pervert buddies. Criminal minded “jihadist” I suppose thinking they can get away with despicable perversion had the gall to video record his perversion through his cell phone that fell in the hands of Leila so she can warn us of the dangers of working in hell like the Middle East.

“Melissa's” hands were bound while she is being raped repeatedly while struggling helplessly could just wept at the barbaric treatment she gets from these perverts.
A virtual prisoner, has never seen any pay check with her passport in the hands of her evil employer could not escape her slave like fate.

This is really sad and pathetic, it has to come from someone who just got out of the Middle East to report on such horrific criminal treatment. Why not report it to the “authorities” in the Middle East? Is it because those “authorities” treats our domestic helpers as the “criminal perpetrators” instead of victims? Is it because their justice system protects their own no matter how horrible and barbaric their citizens are .....

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