Monday, September 10, 2007

Clara's Future Has Been Decided : Her Guardianship has been confirmed by the Court

Stay tune for complete article and Court's ruling on the awarding of 'Plenary Guardianship' over to strangers, which in our opinion is very bad news for Clara as she will have to move out of her home almost immediately.

Upcoming Reports

The Request for termination of Clara's Guardianship

Clara's present State of Health



Guys, this is history in the making, never in the history of this country has an elder couple been more thoroughly abused , their civil rights ignored and violated , and a chain of victims has been made because of the UN willingness to resolve the crisis while it was still manageable

Neither has a case been so well documented before as it it being documented now!
Forward this to everyone you know, let them also be part of history, part of this sad chapter of man's in humanity to man.

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