Sunday, September 23, 2007

Letters To Editor Sunday Sept 23

Ray ;

I know what you are saying is true as it happened to one of the ladies in my church here. They took everything of her moms and the 4 kids got nothing even tho they were all willing to be caregivers the state said no that they had to hire someone. We spend a lot of energy on abused kids and this is right ( don't even get me started on how the system fails them after we "save" them), but the elderly get forgotten so it is a good thing that you bring these things to light



Thank you Misty for writing in and for your comments ....

I still can't believe my father is gone because of the stress involved in this . It's so sad that this happening to my family , father , mother.....

And the saddest part about it is that the powers to be or the "control group" wants to reward bad behavior letting the looters , free to ply their sorry trade. under the guise of a "family quarrel" .

Proof abounds that it has nothing to do with family and all to do with the window of opportunity that opens up when an elder becomes incapacitated with dementia.

Clara had offered to put her certificate of Deposits over into Judy's name we always said NO, we always thought the rule of law would prevail and we knew that she had addressed
those issues when she was of sound mind and did NOT want to give the appearance of impropriety not only that but huge Income taxes would be triggered if her assets were to be liquidated improperly before her death.

We lived with my mother since 1999 we had 5 years to abuse that power of attorney to close and convert her assets, before she was abducted ... Yet we did not do it, Because Clara depended on the income from her assets to live in the manner she deserved , and after being subject of much abuse, I can tell you it's sad that the consequence's of NOT doing it, are far worst than the immunity that the hooligans that are stealing elders blind enjoy.

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