Saturday, September 22, 2007

It Stops Here !

In the following letter from attorneys H & H who bill Clara up to $450/hr . Make allegations before the court and in this written letter mailed to friends it is alleged that It was me who put a credit line on the House and maxed it out.

Since E.A. website is a slander free zone, everyone needs to check their facts before they make representations public , we will exercise the right to defend ourselves when thrust in this situation.

The attorneys that are billing Clara were hired for a reason and that is going after the assets that were improperly taken from Clara's Declaration of Trust dated August of 1998 , and seeking restitution for special provisions for elderly victims, restitution for medical and psychological treatment.

This is what you were hired to do on January 29,2007 .

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STEP TWO: Discredit and Displace The Heirs. smear and totally destroy existing heirs.

My passport Shows that I came Back to the live On November 1999 three(3) months after Dr. Fernandez suffered a stroke, I did so at the request of Clara G. Fernandez who needed help to run the Estate, up keep of the Key West House and take care of Dr. Fernandez. If I did not come immediately my mother said she would have to sell the Key West House, it was valued at $250,000 at that time.

Here are some checks from my mother Clara paying on the credit line dated 1998 I was still living overseas, so it is impossible for me to have set up the credit line.

I will attempt to explain again , my mother was a business woman and she understood that she could write off the interest paid off on her credit line , and is some of the later years that was as much as $19,000.00 . No she did not get that write off in interest unless she kept the interest line maxed out !

Now if with the write off , then she effectively paid 3% or less for the cost of money and invested at 18% then she got to keep the spread or (ROI) .

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