Friday, September 7, 2007

Will it be the IRS to Deliver the final "Coup De Grace" to Clara?

As we approach what could be the beginning of the end of this tragic saga

When all of Clara's assets were liquidated by the Social Worker (sic) and Willam A. Hart , in October 2004 this created a huge tax liability. This was not supposed to happen due to the fact that Clara's assets were not to be distributed till after her death.

The huge Tax liability created and huge penalties that accrue on a daily basis with (compound interest)will now make it impossible for Clara to catch up , specially now that her Trust lies empty, her Bank accounts overdrawn, her Bonds ,Stock accounts , Certificate of deposits all have been picked clean like a vulture pick cleans the bones of it's prey.

Her Real Estate has been Quit Claimed Deeded over to others, her jewelry disposed.
There is nothing left, we fought the good fight, the DCF has not been able to do anything, the Guardian has said he intends to go after No one. Politicians go about their business, and the courts are too slow, that even if there were able to do anything to prevent it, it would be too little too late.

I have made many attempts to file Clara's taxes long ago, but banks, attorneys, CPA's by law can only deal with the guardian, I have even made appointments for the Clara's previous guardian with the CPA but she had no incentive or time to follow up and get Clara's problems fixed, after all they are Clara's G. Fernandez problems.

And after 3 years of guardianship, there is nothing left to fight over anymore.
It's been 3 hard years of staying up all night writing to whomever would listen
There is nothing more we can do for Clara, we have fought the good fight. I am concerned for Clara as she is not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid.

Will custody be given back to her alleged abusers when the money runs out ? When they had her interned in 5 separate nursing homes, but that was when she had money.

What about now, Who will give up their job or career to take care of Clara?

I wish that none of you will ever have to go through with what I saw Dr. Fernandez and Clara go through in the Autumn of their years.

The reason why Clara is not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid is due to the fact that some people when they suspected some elders needed to be institutionalized took take the elders money and converted it, so they passed what is known as the "Look back Rule" this rules states that if within a certain period of years you take the elders money and make disappear, then the Look back Rule kicks in. In other words think of the consequences Before !

Also note worthy is that the feeding frenzy when Clara become incapacitated is such that Medicare was being billed several times for the same items or even for non-existing items so that now they turn down claims for even basic items, that will have to be the subject of a separate article on Medicare Fraud. Because everybody thinks that Medicare pays for everything, they don't.

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J Thorne said...

It is very disturbing to read this heart-wrenching story of Dr Fernandez and Clara.
I think enough is enough. Politicians, social workers etc. You are supposed to look after the interests of citizens.
It is UNJUST to see the hard-earned money of this couple "eaten up" by law firms and tax department.

Jon Thorne