Sunday, September 23, 2007

Billl Hart a Stranger Takes Interest in Clara

This man who made the arrangements for the abduction of my mother on August 21, 2004. He took her to Winter Haven,Florida during which time her Trust Assets were sacked.

Because he was able to drug her with doses over and above what you would give someone her age and obtained a Power Of Attorney and Transferred all she ever owned including her real estate and her Homestead property in Key West , which he refers to as "The Big Prize" .

He was able to do this until we rescued her on the early hours of August 5, 2005 almost a year later, Clara was rescued incapacitated and in much worse off condition that when she was taken.

Today on September Sunday 23 Bill Hart sent a Real Estate Agent to sell Clara's house, I was not going to tell Clara , however a neighbour came over and talked to her about it,

Clara who is horrified to be removed from her home , or "stolen" again as she calls it and has been diagnosed with Post Stress Syndrome by psychiatrists, and has been incapacitated by the abuse suffered at the hands of the people that properly removed her from her handicapped residence.

Is there any one out there who can protect the Elders against these home grown terrorists ?

According to Clara's Dr's notes before she was taken, this is the same man who had all her medical records moved to Winter Haven,Florida. This is where all the property Quit claim Deeding, power of attorney, and other transfers took place.

But I still do not believe that our Citizens/Readers ,Senators, Judges, Attorneys, will allow Clara to be totally starved out of her home !

No that can't Happen in America, or Can it?

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