Monday, September 3, 2007

Surprise, Surprise Clara Has a Brand New Will !

Clara who had been held in isolation and had been transported across 4 counties in what Judged Von Hoff would likened to a "Puppet on a String" , and what Doctors would call drugged in excess to what is required for a person her age, and who had been diagnosed with Dementia , Alzheimer's, Forgetfulness and Afraid to make decisions.

Now on August 31,2007 it surfaces that Clara was made to sign a new amendment to her will

That is why Dr. Irwin Weiss MD says that a Last Will and Testament is not Adequate
Because existing laws do not adequately protect such individuals against other persons (typically family members and lawyers) who would wrongfully exploit their diminished mental capacity so as to influence them into signing new wills or other legal documents, including codicils, deeds, and trusts and amendments.

Basic facts:* The more infirmed one is, the more susceptible one is to fraud, undue influence, and other wrong doing.* Fraud involves deception* After a person dies, it is too late to question him about suspicious documents signed under unusual circumstances.

It's frightening to even think about it.In the past few years I have become aware of the lack of love and the excess of greed when an old person has Alzheimer's or some other debilitating disease, and can be manipulated.

This is a classic example of an elder with Alzheimer's who's had every legal document she had carefully made when she was well reversed and changed during the latter part of her life. They were changed so that people whom he had not intended to benefit were benefitted from her legacy. There was no one with legal or medical authority who would help her, or who could help her .

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