Friday, September 7, 2007

Memo From Caregiver to Trust Attorney


To Counsel;
Re: Guardianship Disclosure
Date: 9-6-07

The guardianship account for Clara G. Fernandez has been funded of a total of not less than $85,000.00 since it's inception.

The Acting Trustee and or legally entrusted caregiver has never been able to obtain any information how this money has been spent, when I asked previous guardians how the money was spent they told me they did not know.

When I ask the attorneys for the guardians ,who maintain an adversarial relationship with me(the wards caregiver) how the money has been spent, they don't have to tell me because they don't represent me, but they sure like to bill Clara for reading my E mails about my concerns, though.

I have examined the guardians legal bills for the last eight months to try to get an idea how the money was spent.

A significant part of Clara's legal costs include reading Emails at 4:58 AM, 4:18 Am, 5:25 Am in the morning?

I'm very disturbed by this action and having been responsible for funding Clara's guardianship account and instructed Clara's guardians to file IRS returns and track down Clara's assets, neither of which has been done in the past eight(8) months.

Ray Fernandez
Acting Trustee for the Clara G. Fernandez Trust

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