Tuesday, September 25, 2007

State Follows Nationwide Movement to Stop Elder Abuse

In August, Illinois introduced a bill to amend the Elder Abuse and Neglect Act by adding a section that establishes elder abuse task forces, called "fatality review teams."

Though no such task forces exist in Missouri, the Illinois bill is part of what sources say is a nationwide movement toward recognizing the problem of elder abuse.

"It is what child abuse was during the '80s. People are finally recognizing, hey, adults can be hurt, too." said Marta Fontaine, a planner for Adult Protective Services in Jefferson City, Mo

In 2006 there were 16,395 reports of neglect and abuse on people living within the community, and 5,880 calls concerning those in nursing homes or assisted living facilities in Missouri.

Jackson's office receives about 20 to 25 reports each month concerning local cases of neglect or abuse, he said.

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