Friday, September 28, 2007

Clara Sentenced to a Life of Endless Hearings

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It appears as if Clara has been sentenced to endless hearings for the rest of her life.
I imagine that this will last as long as there is money left in Clara's estate, once it is all gone there will be no more hearings, no more attorneys, no more Clara.
Hopefully this will not be the outlook for other victims of Elder Abuse who choose to turn to the legal system for help.

So far, two of Clara's Social Security checks have been re directed to her attorney, approx. $3,700. Meanwhile, Clara and her caregivers have only received $200.00 of her funds for groceries, and unfortunately that wan't isn't enough to meet the dietary needs of Clara and her health was starting to become in jepardy. $200.00 in two months averages a hundred per month, which is exactly the amount that the guardian makes per hour.

The math was simple, the consequences were not.

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