Friday, September 14, 2007

Court Testimony 4-23-05 Judge Richard Payne

Well, I think that Raul depends ----see, I have a fun life, and I think Ray
depends on their income.
This testimony was given by the people that are alleged left Clara alone in a hotel room where she suffered permanent injuries and became totally incapacitated for life.

Yes I take care of t hem 24/7 I do not leave them alone, not even in the shower, so if that makes me NOT have a fun life, it's part of the sacrifice that I have had to do since the year 1999 when My father suffered a stroke and I volunteered to take care of him, and Not sell the house!

But to the people that stripped Clara's Trust of its Bonds, CD's,Stock Accounts and all their money, I am glad you have a "fun live". I hope it last because sooner of later someone is going to come along with fortitude to strip away your immunity and your protection that you receive from the State and they just might hold you accountable for your sickening actions. So enjoy your fun life while you can!

And to answer the 2ND part of your question, yes we depend on their income, when you take care of someone 24/7 for 7 years and not able to work because all your time is devoted to those two elders, you kind of become dependent on their income. Sorry that bothers you so much , but it is their money and they did save it for such in contingencies , I know you'd like to have it all
and deprive Clara of the retirement she envisioned, going on Cruises with her Friend Angela, taking us to Disney, none of that will ever be possible , thanks to thieves like you that prey on the elderly.

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