Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Every Night Feels like "The Last Supper"

Folks, I am too sic too write, my heart weights all of 100 pounds, and the knot in my stomach does not wasn't to allow me to eat or swallow so I will make this a quick pictorial.

This will make the 2ND month that Clara's Social Security Check had been garnished by the Guardian, $3,800.00 hunger will set in soon, Clara is holding out admirably, remind me of Dr. Fernandez when they cut out the lights, intercepted his medications.

...but I can't expect Clara to go experience what Dr. Fernandez went through, this is Deja Vu and Dr. Fernandez died because of the stressed related with the upheaval created by third parties . , these elders are just to fragile so that we planning to turn her over to her Guardian very soon .......This will be the first month in 30 years that Clara will be late on her mortgage as the guardian says there is no money to pay . And the court has placed an injunction on me against paying any of her bills, even though there is money in her Estate to pay all her bills and keep her in her home.

In the hearing on the August 29th which will soon be available in a podcast, it was questioned whether the expenditures on cable TV was proper !

Counsel for the guardian thought that basic Cable TV expenses were unjustifiable, and they questioned a meal at Wendys on a Sunday we all went on a beach picnic, so now when we took Clara out there was only for a ice cream stick

Mr. New Guardian will you take Clara to the beach in the evening when the sun goes down?

Will you prepare for her her favorite vegetarian dish, spinach and fried cheese that keep her blood pressure down and her cholesterol level doing better each and every month without the need for insulin shots that she used to get (5)

Will you take her for Ice cream every night?

Good byes are so hard especially after 53 years together, and knowing we do not have the means to remain in this country, we will never see her again.

Despair sets in ! We just can't walk away from Clara without telling her that we have been relieved of her responsibility and will be leaving her soon ! I don't have the heart to print the photo of Clara Crying in disbelief .


Folks, I have been asked to take my web site down, there are powerful people out there that have a vested interest that Clara's execution be kept private.

Up coming Report: Clara's health report. I want it well documented the estate of health that Clara was in when she was rescued from isolation in West Palm Beach, I want her state of health now after caring for her for two years to be made public.

And I want to publish her state of health 6 months after her guardian takes over supposing she still alive, Due to her special care we don't feel Clara will survive being in yet another nursing home.

Of course by now you all know that we have provided Clara with un parallel care, we know this is not in question and don't let them fool you this is not about the elder's welfare, the Real Estate Clara is living in has just become too valuable , and we must sacrifice her to the God of Capitalism. We can not wait until she dies we must distribute her wealth ,real estate property,CD's Bonds, Now!

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