Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's Another Bad break for Clara's Wicked Turn of Events

Isolation from others. Telling the victim she was abandoned by her relatives and cutting off outside communication by telling visitors or callers that the senior does not want to see or talk to them.

Guys it's happening Clara is being starved out of her home, in the period that her Social Security Income has been diverted to the Guardian, yes that guardian that was appointed without prior notice on a recommendation by his own attorney, we have received a total of $200.00 for groceries , they have successfully choked off our ability to care for Clara.

We fought as long as we could to have assets returned to from were they were taken, so that they could be used to the purpose for which they were intended, so that Clara could end her final days in her home with dignity, we have failed. We can no longer take care of Clara and plan on turning her over to the courts on Monday.

It's likely the courts will choose the past of least resistance and give her back to the people that drugged, incapacitated her , isolated and robbed her.
And such is the likely end unless enough of you decide this has gone far enough and call and write your senators, end ask that elder abuse laws be enforced and perpetrators punished instead of rewarded.

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Anonymous said...

Awful!! How in the world do the courts allow this to go on??