Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Story( In Clara's and A.J. Fernandez behalf)

Clara and Dr. Fernandez fell in love with Orlando, they loved the amusement Parks, the Flea Markets, they liked everything about Orlando, to them to build a House in Orlando was a dream come true.

When Disney started up , I worked as a Project Manager for Bay Lake Ranches and as part of my compensation package was a lot in the Bay Lake Ranches Sub Division which was given to me at a deeply discounted price.

Clara to me represented a pillar of stability and I titled the Lot under her name which was to be later transferred to her Trust for safekeeping and estate planning purposes..

The last thing to cross my mind was that at a very late age Clara would develop Dementia and Alzheimer's and would become easy prey for those that would take advantage of her and trick Clara into signing away her Trust and everything in it.

Here Clara is seen walking under her own power on June 2004 , and deciding where the driveway to the dream that was not to be , in her new home. Little did she know that two (2) months later she would be taken from her home and drugged and left alone in a motel room to fall and become incapacitated, thus losing all her rights as a citizen with a voice and becoming a "Ward of the Estate " who would decide where she is to live, and whether she is to have cable TV and have a say over all the decisions over her care and finances.

Little did she suspect and that all her dreams and that of her husband would be snuffed in the land of the free in a single careless act of negligence by a Social worker/estranged family member who would be protected by the estate at all costs in spite of the horrendous acts of Elder abuse and Elder Financial Abuse committed by him and others on Clara and Dr. Fernandez. Acts that would make the life of Dr. Fernandez a living hell, an elder who never did understand why his wife of 57 years was forcibly taken from his side in his twilight years when he needed her the most.

With the likely scenario of home and lot sold to pay for legal fees for the ensuing legal battle that would last for years and ultimately take her out of her own home and into a nursing home. So that her home can be sold to the highest bidder and the money distributed in legal fees,court costs and the like.

The day was April 24, 2004 when Clara applied for a building permit she could hardly contain herself and insisted in talking to the building officials personally about her new Home Estate in Orlando.

The rest of the story is well known to readers of E.A. hardly two months later Clara was abducted and the permit to her new home Estate expired , thousands upon thousands of dollars were lost in Architectural fees, Engineering fees, Permit,Septic,Well,Soil , revisions (4) drawings,site plans.

Of course none of this mattered to the people who held Clara incommunicado and drugged, the people who emptied her Trust, and re wrote her will to benefit them, the people who sold her jewelry on the Internet and left this 87 year old infirm elder alone in un familiar surroundings to suffer serious injuries and forever lose sight of her dreams.


During the hearing on 8-29-07 a poor attempt was made by the Guardian's attorneys who wanted to dis credit me at all costs. I felt belittled because I had voiced my father and mother wishes that their labor be rewarded in leaving a Estate behind as stated in their estate planning documents for their grandchildren and great grandchildren to always have a place to call home , and because an offer to sell the Key West Home under very generous terms was entertained in view of the move to Orlando. I felt malicious belittlement, I was made to appear dis honest , with questioning along the lines of " You appear to have such values to want to preserve the estate home, yet you wanted to sell it to enrich yourself".

When I tried to explain why we had tried to sell the Key West home, and when I tried to explain my parents dreams, which were now my dreams. - I was cut off .

.....because the authorities threats the victims as the “criminal perpetrators” and protects the perpetrators instead of victims? Because our justice system protects them no matter how horrible and barbaric their citizens are .....

Have we become like them? this is my parents story who came from foreign shores to build a dream, they lived the American Dream, but they sure did not deserve the nightmare, the nightmare and the feeding frenzy that awaited them in their old age.

...the attorneys might prevent me from telling their story in the courtroom , so that they might never know of their sacrifices, their suffering, but this is the courtroom of public opinion and I will tell it here, .. The world must know so that their sacrifice will not wasted, the sacrifice of two people who gave it their all for their country but received very little help and support in return.

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