Thursday, September 6, 2007

Child porn postman spared prison

A postman who admitted downloading the most serious types of child pornography has been spared jail. Brian Elder was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to attend a rehabilitation clinic after being branded "a party to child abuse".

The sheriff said he was "only just persuaded" not to send the 49-year-old to prison, because he had lost his job and had family problems.

Elder, from Stirling, downloaded the indecent images between 2003 and 2007.

Several were the most serious on the scale used to grade child pornography.

Offender project

The court was told Elder knew what he did was against the law and had deleted the images instead of saving them on his computer, which he had now got rid of.

His defence added that Elder had been working with the Clyde Quay project for sex offenders to make sure he did not suffer a relapse.

Passing sentence, Sheriff Andrew Cubie said he was troubled by the length of time over which Elder downloaded the images, and the fact that they included several of the most serious types of child pornography.

He said: "Child pornography as a term does not reflect the seriousness.

"It is child abuse and you have been a party to that.

"I could send you to custody, but I am only just persuaded by your loss of employment and the suffering of your family not to do so."

Elder was warned he would be jailed if he breached the terms of his probation order.

His name has also been added to the sex offenders register for three years.

Now that what I called honesty, that sounds much better than to say he was given a sentence that was suspended or a fine that he doesn't have to pay. At any rate we are glad he getting the help he needs, one thing is to accidentally come across a porn site, but to collect this kind of pornography over sevearal years indicates some serious personal disorders . Lets hope we don't have to write an un pleasant follow up report on this.

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