Friday, September 21, 2007

Clara Situation Intensifies

The Tug of War heats up, on the home team led by Clara's family have been cut off from Social Security Income, their bills are late and they are being demoralized by the day. Even real estate prices have dropped 50% , the pressure is on to sell Clara's house and the feeding frenzy to continue un abated, as long as Clara has assets anything goes.

On the other side we have a better organized and well financed team, they get $950.00/hour they have taken over all of Clara's resources including her Social Security Income, which the family relied upon for years to buy Clara medications and keep the bills paid.
While Clara does NOT have access to any of HER funds the opposing team, also funded by her because they bill her estate is led by H & H who are doing a good job at disqualifying the legitimate heirs , by using unfounded allegations and even dis qualifying any work done by Clara's previous Estate Attorneys, Mr. Robert Highsmith they have manage to place a choke hold on the family. Will the family survive this latest embargo?

Dr. Fernandez did not survive the first one. Can Clara survive unless someone with a conscience steps foward? or will she be moved out of her newly remodeled home where she feels comfortable against her will, and all her money and social security income will continue to be diverted to pay for her guardian and attorneys?

Stay tune for this very important event that could be coming to you or an elder near you in the near future and when you least expected it and when your older kin is the most vulnerable.

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