Sunday, September 9, 2007

Steal An Estate ! - It is Easy - Never Work Again!

by stealanestate

STEP ONE: Assess Opportunities & Establish Yourself

Identify Elderly Affluent People Who Are Alone - Target people who do not have strong family relationships, who are either estranged from their families and children or whose families live and work out of state. (Older widows make the best targets and they are easy to wine and dine, afterwards you can put them in a nursing home and no one will ever miss them)

Elderly Childless People Are Best - Children and grandchildren are hard but not impossible to displace. Childless people may not have obvious heirs making it much easier for you to establish your position.

Never work alone, a close relative of the victim works best, find one who is easily influenced and offer him a large take and use him/her as a patsy to get the inside information, account numbers, etc. And always make it look like a family squabble, if you can make it look like sibling rilvary you are half way there, authorities will brand these cases "Civilly Matters" and look the other way.

Assess Their Estate Decisions - How large is their estate? Do they have a will? How strongly do they feel about the disposition of their assets? The greater their uncertainty, the better it is for you.

Length of Life Span - Unless your target is terminally ill or very elderly, expect this to be a long term project. Once you are sole beneficiary you will still need to defend your position until they expire. Hastening their death is outside of our scope.

Alcohol Helps - Alcohol lowers people’s resistance, raises their susceptibility to suggestion, makes them relax, feel good and festive. It’s easy to manipulate alcoholics and make them angry and emotional. (Drugs are better you can farm out from different doctors who are eager to get on the Medicare gravytrain who will prescribe from Darvocet to Ambiem or a cocktail thereof.

People Are Susceptible To Suggestion When Sleepy - Especially during those hazy, lazy moments when they are just drifting off to sleep or waking up. Visit or telephone when the impact of your communication will linger in their minds long after you finish. (Yes and if they have been diagnosed with forgetfulness, dementia, or Alzheimer's your odds improve tenfold)

Always be Smiling, Positive and Loving - They must see you as special, especially deserving and associate you with only the most positive, wonderful feelings.

Always Take Their Side And Fault Anyone Who Disagrees With Them - This is the GOLDEN RULE! You want them to eventually sever or discount all other relationships so they rely, trust and love only you. ( and make sure that they are totally isolated, no phone calls, mails,nothing gets in and nothing gets out.)

Leave Them On A High Note, Feeling Very Good About You - Treat each interaction as a professional. Each performance must further your goal of showing them you are their ONLY deserving heir.

Talk To Them Like Family - Tell them they are the wonderful father / mother or aunt / uncle you always wish you had. Plant family associations and connections in their mind.

Tell them that their husband/wife is dead, if they have one, tell them that their caregivers abandoned them, tell them that you are all they have.

Get Into A Position Of Trust And Authority - Manage their checkbook, their investments, their grocery money. Whatever you do, be VERY Honest. Your purpose is to show how honorable and trustworthy you are. Don’t steal early, wait for the big prize.

Keep them on the move and confused!

Move fast to get a new Power Of Attorney (POA) this will cancel out the legitimate heirs, don't worry if the legitimate heirs documents are much older than yours, it doesn't matter they always look at the most recent date, regardless of the circumstances

Once you done this step and have the POA move fast to destroy the heirs and hide the money beyond reach, If you are in Florida, you are in Luck ! Laws defining abuse, neglect, or exploitation as defined in F.S Section 415.102, are hazy, unbiguous hard to understand and hardly enforced. Don't worry about F.S. 709.8 Section 2(D) that states that a POA can not be used for the agent's benefit, this statue is very selectively or not at all enforced.

And if your victim is incapacitated don't worry about F.S 709.1 that states that principal must be competent at time that the POA is used and as long as no petition for incompetency is filed. This law is not enforced either!.

Cash Gifts - Make sure they know how much you really love them and not their money. Close their Certificate of Deposits and other liquid investments , open joint accounts and then have money swept into your own personal account.

AS soon as the victims are throurougly confused sneak Quit Claim Deeds for them to sign, don't worry they won't remember that they signed them later.

Get the venue changed to a city un familiar to the victim or their family, even if you have to lie and manipulate the court system, No one will ever hold you accountable.

Act Like The Perfect Son Or Daughter - Be the perfect child they always wish they had. Appear far more deserving than any of their family members.

Create A Fun Secret Conspiracy, Build Secrecy Early - Tell them their daughter/son/rightful heir might get a little upset and jealous, so let’s just keep it our little secret! Let’s have fun and not tell them! They don’t have a right to know about everything you do any how!

STEP TWO: Discredit and Displace The Heirs. smear and totally destroy existing heirs, remenber they are the only thing standing between you and the money! (The Big Prize).

File as many false complaints as possible, Remember that Constitutional Protection don't apply to Department of Children and Families Investigations, so as soon as you know an investigation is finished call the hotline and file another, they will be investigated for another three (3) months regardless of the outcome of the last investigations and you will drive the victims crazy!

It’s A Military Campaign - You are investing time and energy to gain control of their estate. If victorious, you will never have to work again. It is a long term project that requires guts, drive, determination, hard work and dirty deeds. Enjoy Doing Evil and Being Ruthless and Cruel.

Your Goal: To Completely Discredit and Disinherit Existing Heirs

Hate The Heirs - You must absolutely hate and despise the heirs you are disinheriting. You need to transfer a vicious, angry hatred to your target so that neither of you feels badly about what you are doing. Show no mercy. Hate is an absolute prerequisite for success.

Collaborate If You Can - Is there an unhappy family member who can help you disinherit the others? Collaborate with them. Make sure you always have more on your collaborator than they have on you.

Truth and Righteousness - Show them the real truth about their heirs, how their heirs have abused and misused them for years.

SEVER ALL COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE HEIRS - This is VERY IMPORTANT! If your target refuses to communicate with their heirs, the heirs can’t exert influence, change their minds or fight your plans.

Use Anger & Betrayal - Get your target very angry with their heirs and keep them angry so they will cease all communications with the heirs. Make them feel angry, betrayed, devalued, used and abused. Use every tool at your disposal, create conflict every way you can.

Creating Conflict - If reasons to be angry with the heirs don’t exist, create them. The heirs are in the dark, they don’t know what you are doing. Tell damaging lies, falsify letters and “proof” of the heirs horrible dishonesty and misdeeds.

Continue Your Campaign of Conflict with the Heirs - Be relentless. Start small and gradually build over time. Do everything you can to destroy their relationships and any positive memories of their heirs.

Rewrite Reality Repeatedly Over Time - A lie repeated over and over again over time eventually becomes truth. This is one of your most powerful tools. Repeatedly demonstrating what bad people their heirs are will eventually make your target believe it.

Discredit and Disparage - It is very hard to get people to go against long held, deep set beliefs and values. It’s much easier to change their memories and perceptions of reality.

Repeatedly Ridicule and Revile The Heirs - Laugh, make ridicule fun and entertaining. Bond with mutual hatred of the heirs, their greed and all their misdeeds.

Develop a Fun, Secret Conspiracy - Involve your target in fun little dirty tricks that hurt and harm the heirs. Encourage them to enjoy playing tricks to punish their heirs for all their abuse and mistreatment.

Discredit and Destroy the Heirs - Hurt and weaken them any way you can. Can you harm their business? Their career? Spread damaging lies about them? Do it, your financial future is at stake. Destroy them if you can so they can’t fight you.

Involve the Goverment, file complaints with the Postal Police, FDA, DCF, DEA in short everyone you can think of, these agencies will be eager to investigate the heirs, creating havoc and seriously disrupting their lives, scoring points in your favor.

Better yet if you can steal the older persons identity and file the complaints against the legitimate heirs using the Victim's name, it will be much more beliavable, don't worry it's a civil matter no one will ever investigate.

Involve Organized , Stalking and Terror Tactics - Pay criminals to create havoc in the heir’s life, but only do it through intermediaries so it cannot be traced to you. Major life disruptions can be caused by surprisingly minor dirty tricks disguised a life’s bad breaks. Sick, psychotic people enjoy hurting people, getting paid for it is a plus.

STEP THREE: Savor Your Triumph

Enjoy Being Evil - Think about all the wonderful things you will do with the target’s money and how much you enjoy hurting the stupid, unsuspecting and undeserving heirs.

You are so much smarter, evil and deserving than they are. You deserve the money.

The human mind has no firewall. The reality is it's very easy to steal from sick and old people."

Italics and bold are mine for emphasis

Abridged be sure to visit StealAnEstate.Com >> for additional information and insight into how these people work, you have been forewarned, no body forewarned us a few years ago.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! You certainly added a great deal of depth and insight to the original posting.

No amount of money can compensate for the loss of a relationship with a loved one during the last years of their life or for the abuse of the elderly, vulnerable and infirm.

Many thanks for your blog, you do the world a very important service.

Ray said...
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Anonymous said...

This is so despicable, and what's worse, is that it works.

Sadly, even family can be involved.

If any kind of larceny or robbery is criminal, this surely should be.