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Was Clara Really Left Alone for Hours AT a Time or is this just Propaganda: What does the Facts Bear Out?

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What do the hospital records say ?

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Was Clara given a cocktail of drugs that can not be given together or is this just hear say? And what about being left alone to fend for herself?

What do hospital records say?

For how long can the State protect the people that did this to my mother?

Cutting off Clara's Social Security income, evicting Clara from her home and discrediting her legitimate heirs in order to gain control of everything they ever worked for, is a crime in itself!
*Note: They can 't evict her, but they have taken control of her income and tied the hands of her caretakers living with her in her home by refusing to pay Clara's bills.

Before Clara was rescued on August 5, 2005 when she was held in strict isolation,
she was being cared for by a homeless person. And while her husband Dr. Fernandez was dying of angst at home not being able to see his wife for a whole year, this forced separation was the cruelest punishment that we have ever seen doled out to a human being.

Testimony by Al Fernandez Jr., a.k.a. - ("The Social Worker") on May 23, 2005 re: Clara's caregiver while Clara was in his hands -

A - Well, actually he's staying there because he
doesn't have transportation and he asked if he could
stay there, and I said fantastic.

Q - So he stays, he lives with you?
A - Yes. Supposedly when I come home from work I
take over, but he, he usually just stays there and
takes part of taking care of mother because they get
along real well. It's an older Jamaican fellow and
they get along real well. He really focuses on her,..

Q - Okay.

A - and takes care of her needs. Now, normally I
am the one who tucks her to bed and I go through the
whole routine of washing her face, see that she takes her,...

The US National Academy of Sciences Defines Elder Abuse as Follows:

Injuries inconsistent with history Laboratory findings indicating under dosage or over dosage of medications Venereal disease or genital infections Dehydration, malnutrition, decubitus ulcers, poor hygiene Signs of withdrawal, depression, agitation, or infantile behavior

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