Thursday, September 6, 2007

Press Release From E.A.

Although we retain our right to differ in opinion , and that's what makes America great, we recognize the authority of the court as the highest authority in the land and we are willing to carry out it's mandate one hundred percent according to the spirit of the laws of the land, the same laws we swore to uphold.

WE sincerely hope the courts success in tracking down Clara's assets, their success is Clara's success, it's time to put politics aside and all work towards making Clara's time has left on earth , and that of other elders the ones that they have earned and the respect they deserve.


WE do not wish to attack any individual or agency, we wish to attack the act of abuse itself in whatever from, child,women,animal , and bring attention to it so that the necessary reforms are in place and we can make the United Sates of America and other cities around the world a safer place to grow old.

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