Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another Day, Another Hearing in the Life of an Abused Elder.

- Hearing to Determine Residency. - Petition For appointment of Emergency Guardian. - Emergency Petition to Remove Ward From West Palm Beach. - County Hearing To Determine Capacity. - Hearing To Determine Venue. - Hearing for Motion to withdraw. - Petition to withdraw. - Hearing for Respondent. - Motion to Dismiss. - Hearing for Judicial Review of Continued Need for a Guardian.-Hearing for Petition for Court Order Permitting Clara to Travel.- ad infinite........

Welcome to the "Endless World of Hearings"!

For the benefit of people who have been "allegedly" abused, I say "allegedly", because in spite of all the facts documented, certified copies of documents published here, admitting to neglect, and conversion of an elders assets to personal use, this isn't enough for the authorities. (Who insist on calling Elder Abuse and Elder Financial Abuse, a "Civil" matter.)

Clara and her family attended another hearing today, the court gave me two weeks to reconsider stepping down as caregiver for Clara G. Fernandez.

Folks, I hope something changes soon, I already endured one embargo when they were trying to get my dad out of the family house before he died, because of the stress involved and I don't think that myself or my family are ready to face another embargo, and quite frankly, if we were barely getting by before the guardianship was established, with the benefit of her full Social Security income, it will now be next to impossible with guardian costs and the guardian's attorney billing Clara every month!

Well, I hope that her guardian and guardian's attorneys can move quickly to recover Clara's "disappeared" assets a lot faster than previous guardian's or their attorneys have because Clara doesn't have a whole lot of time, she has already out-lived one judge Richard Payne (retired) was subject to a 2nd(VonHof) and is working now on her third (Audlin) and a fourth in West Palm Beach.

But Wil she make it to a 5th One?

Please stay tuned to E.A. where abuse is de-glossed, exposed, discussed and reported in all it ugliest forms.

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