Saturday, October 27, 2007

Zero-Kilometer Teeth

Dental implants in which a damaged tooth root is replaced by one made of titanium represent a radical change for those who have lost their teeth, and are the best option to discard uncomfortable and unsightly dental bridges.

These devices are artificial replacements of natural tooth roots. They work as small anchors shaped as screws that are carefully drilled into the jawbone. Artificial teeth are then placed on the part of the implant projecting from the gum.

A diagnosis procedure known as Nobelguide is being used in Colombia, whereby the patients information is sent to a robotized plant in Sweden. There, the surgical procedure is mapped and a a guide is sent back showing where each tooth should be placed. This is the most advanced technique in the field.

During the postoperative, the patient must be careful to eat a soft diet for some days after surgery, and on the first day apply a cold Therapy by eating food at low temperatures to counter swelling. Each implant has an approximate cost of US$1.5OO~

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