Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Elder Abuse Victims And Their Families are Further Humiliated

Clara's Social security income $1859.00

.................................... Guardian Fees $1,800.00

Clara bank account where the utilities where being paid out from on automatic pay are now being returned for her bank account is now empty and has been closed. The credit line that Clara used is now late (after 1st) and accumulating late fees and penalty fees.

The Victims families receives no respect, their dignity is taken away from them, they are humiliated.

And yet some wonder why small percentages of elder abuse cases are actually reported, in thinking back all that we have endured and now with the forced guardianship program that takes away my mother's only hope for survival in her home is being taken away for the guardians benefit.

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J Thorne said...

Our hearts go out to the author.
It is unbelievable that when it's time for the authorities to act, they shy away.
This is an elder abuse case that has evidence reported and posted. Why delay and make the victim and her family suffer!
Time to get to the bottom of it, folks. The rest of the world are watching.
Sorry, but I feel frustrated in reading the reports over again.
Jon Thorne