Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Attempts to Silence Web Sites Who Spotlight "Dirty Little Secret" of Elder Abuse

by Andrew

After my last posting 'Reporting Elder Abuse - Not an Easy Task' -- where I quoted the Frank Punito case (one of many posted on this blog) as an example; a close friend of Frank's children left a short comment - "Give it a rest!".

Is this person, who was not even prepared to leave his/her name, serious? Is this call to "give the cause a rest" only directed at me alone, or to everyone who has a blog/website about elder abuse?

This blog is NOT just about one case of elder abuse. It is set up to disseminate information on this growing global problem, and to empower older persons with important information.

I acknowledge that friends of elder abuse cases may try to discredit anyone who publicize such cases. Their attempts will not intimidate me into stopping to speak out for others.

I will not remove this blog or stop speaking out for the voiceless
. I have no hidden agenda. Only a very strong belief in Elder Rights and Elder Abuse Prevention.

I admire and support others who are doing similar work; and must state that I now truly understand the difficulties in working for the cause.

Let us be united in this fight for better recognition of Elder Rights. Also, to urge politicians to introduce statues to ensure that older persons are protected.

In Australia, the Parliamentary Inquiry into Older People and the Law has just published its report and recommendations. Let us see how long before those recommendations are taken up by the government of the day.

Researches and reports from around the world are echoing the same thing. Elder Abuse is a growing global problem.

This blog is my attempt to keep the issue in the spotlight. I thank my supporters and associates for their constant encouragement and assistance. We have a lot more to do.

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Ray said...

Thank You Andrew for such a fine article, and thanks for exposing the difficulties we face for a Un grateful job that doesn't pay very well, that is speaking out for the voiceless, you indeed hit the nail on the head. Everyone assumes that we must have a hidden agenda.Our inner most desire is to grow older in a world where older people can live free of government interference and where laws are strictly enforced against the scourge of Elder Abuse and Elder Financial Abuse.